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Our offer targets natural and legal persons as well as business entities living or operating in Poland. Our Clients’ needs are approached in a complex, flexible way providing for their individual needs and expectations. Our specialization is Polish Law: criminal, civil and commercial. We deliver legal advice and we prepare legal opinions both in Polish and English.

Criminal and misdemeanors law:

We are advocates or plenipotentiaries of our Clients in criminal and misdemeanors cases. We participate in activities conducted in preparatory proceedings and at the stage of court proceedings. We prepare documents commencing court proceedings, including means of challenge (cassations, appellations, complaints). We represent our Clients as their plenipotentiaries in the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Civil law:

We represent our Clients as their plenipotentiaries among others in cases for damages, payment, eviction, infringement of ownership and also in cases falling in the scope of property law (including purchase and sale of real estate) and law of succession. We prepare writs and documents commencing court proceedings, including appellations, complaints, cassation appeals, complaints for acknowledging the inconsistency with law of legally binding decisions, petitions for resumption of proceedings, complaints for revoking the arbitrary courts verdicts, documents in the proceedings to secure claims and enforcement proceedings.

Family law:

We represent our Clients as their plenipotentiaries and we prepare documents in cases of divorce, separation, division of property after cessation of joint assets of spouses, alimony, judgments concerning contact with children and similar cases.

Commercial law:

We represent business entities in register proceedings in courts and public administration bodies. We prepare contracts and legal opinions. We offer legal service in the domain of current business activity. We represent our Clients in common, administrative and arbitrary courts and in the Supreme Court of the Republic of Poland, we also prepare required documents commencing court proceedings. We represent our Clients in negotiations and dispute resolution proceedings.

Administrative law:

We represent our Clients as their plenipotentiaries in administrative courts, public administration bodies and other institutions and bodies. We prepare documents in the administrative and court-administrative proceedings, including petitions for commencing court proceedings, appellations, complaints, complaints to the regional administrative court, cassation complaints, petitions for resumption of proceedings and complaints for invalidating judgments.

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